Functional Safety & Security
for Electronic Hardware Engineering


1 Day


To improve the integration of safety & security activities with hardware engineering


The participants will learn how to design electronic hardware to achieve safety & security compliance more efficiently

Key Topics

  • Writing hardware requirements
    • To be able to identify and correct hardware requirements written at an inappropriate abstraction-level
    • To be able to derive hardware requirements using the FMEA method
  • Hardware architecture
    • To understand the impact of hardware choices on achieving functional safety & security compliance at system-level
    • To be able to create a hardware architecture with the necessary freedom of interference to support functional safety & security goals
    • To be able to derive hardware architecture using the FTA & ATA methods
  • Hardware safety concept
    • To be able to define appropriate hardware-level safety & security mechanisms
    • To understand the impact of hardware mechanisms at system-level
  • Hardware testing
    • To be able to write hardware requirements that are more efficient to test
    • To be able to perform hardware verification of safety & security requirements