Integrating Functional
Safety & Security efficiently
into projects


1 Day


To raise the awareness of participants regarding functional safety & security in engineering projects.


The participants learn how to apply pragmatic approaches within the project team to achieve sufficient functional safety & security in products

Key Topics

  • What are Functional Safety & Security?
    • To understand why Safety & Security are important for product success
    • To be able to identify project-risks relating to safety & security
  • Evaluation of the prevailing safety risks
    • To understand the meaning of an ASIL rating
    • To understand the impact of safety & security goals on the engineering processes and the product design
  • Quality Culture & Project-Management
    • To understand the benefit of a proactive, integrated approach to safety
    • To understand how to facilitate of a safety and quality culture
    • To understand the prerequisites for successful projects
    • To understand the interdependency of safety, quality, requirements management, change management and configuration management
  • Safety Activities in the Product Development Processes
    • To understand how to adapt product development processes to comply with the relevant standards
    • To understand project-specific “tailoring” of the processes
    • To understand how to manage development iterations efficiently to reduce the costs of safety & security in your project
    • To understand the objectives and necessary content of the activity “Safety Case Planning” and the need to integrate the safety activities into the project planning